Garage Door Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Out of all your home's movable objects the garage door is typically the heaviest, with a weight that can reach 300 - 400 lbs. This poses a serious threat, particularly to smaller children who aren't aware of the possible dangers. Fingers and hands getting stuck in between closing door sections make up the majority of injuries that occur. Both children and pets can also get trapped underneath closing doors.

  • A closing door should never be stood, walked or run under.
  • Never allow the garage door to be a play area for children.
  • Children must learn to get an adults help whenever they need assistance. Adults must also know how to use an emergency release when there's an emergency.
  • Garage door buttons should be installed in complete view from the garage door and at least 5 feet above the ground.
  • When you can't see the garage door, don't operate it.
  • All openers manufactured after Jan 1, 1993 should be equipped with a reversing feature. Test it by placing a 2x4 underneath a closing door. If your opener was produced before Jan 1, 1993 and it's void of this feature, replacing your opener is strongly recommended.
  • Perform a regular visual inspection of your garage door components, looking for worn or loose parts such as the rollers, door springs, cables, pulleys and track.
  • Never attempt any kind of maintenance on the springs. The springs, cables, mounting brackets and other accompanying hardware are high tension areas. If anything was to come loose or break off in these areas it could result in serious injury. Only an experienced technician should handle this kind of work..
  • To remain on the side of caution, rather than simply increasing opening or closing force, a home owner should continue reading in order to find the problem's real cause so it can be addressed properly.

For additional information, see our garage door FAQs, as well as learn about garage door maintenance.

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