Pass-through garage doors

Pass-through Garage Doors

Pass-through garage doors also known as walkthrough or crossing doors are integrated pedestrian doors built into existing garage doors.

The Pass-Through Garage Door has many benefits for a homeowner or business:

  • They are convenient for owners to access their home without having to open their garage doors.
  • These Pass-through garage doors solve many privacy and pedestrian traffic issues.
  • They ensure that the contents of your home garage is not exposed to the neighbors or people passing by when opening.
  • They also save life cycles on your garage door opener and on your garage door springs as they will be used less frequently generating less wear and tear.
  • In the event of a power failure, a home owner can enter or exit the garage through the Pass-through door.
  • Having a Pass-through door installed within your garage door also conserves heat in the winter as you will be opening a smaller door for less amount of time.
  • There are also security features you can apply to your Pass-Through Garage Door to ensure your safety and the safety of others at all times.

All our Pass-Through Garage Doors are fabricated in Canada. We follow industry wide best practices when fabricating our product.

We use GALVANIZED STEEL garage doors with a high-density polyurethane core with a minimum rating of R-16

All our Pass-Through Garage Doors come with a Deluxe Garage Door weatherstripping kit. Our weatherstrips come in a wider profile with a clip on screw cover, capable of resisting very cold temperatures.

Each one of our doors comes with the following standard options:

Extra options available:

Pass-Through Garage Doors are shipped ALL OVER North America. We package the product with all the hardware and instructions to simplify installation. We always recommend installations to be performed by a qualified garage door installation company.

We package the product with all the hardware and instruction

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